Strengthening laboratory diagnostics of emergent or re-emergent infectious diseases is essential to ensure timely accurate and sustainable public health responses. Despite major improvements in disease management and control there is still a pressing need to develop or strengthen laboratory capacities in resource-limited settings

In 2015 I have registered ORDiagnostics as a legal entity to provide scientific and technical consultancies for health system strengthening initiatives in low resource settings where laboratory systems and diagnostics are essential components.

ORDiagnostics collaborates with research institutes, universities, non-governmental organisations and funding agencies to develop, implement or facilitate public health projects.  


I am a senior consultant in laboratory system strengthening in resource limited settings. I provide scientific and technical expertise in Laboratory Quality Management Systems and the diagnostic of infectious diseases using microbiological, immunological or molecular approaches.   

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molecular biology

Diagnostic of infectious disease

Advices and recommendations for the selection of appropriate diagnostic assay using serological, microbiological or molecular approaches adapted to context and settings. 

laboratory systems

Laboratory systems strengthening 

Review the organisation of laboratory networks at regional and national level to propose recommendation for better integration within national plans  


Laboratory quality assessment

Review of laboratory QMS, documentation, procurement plan, biosafety and Biosecurity measures to ensure or strengthen the delivery of quality laboratory data in a safe and secure way.   

Real time PCR

Data Analysis and reporting

Expertise in laboratory data interpretation analysis including ELISA assay, Real Time PCR, LAMP, pathogen identification, AMR and additional complex data to deliver project reports leading to publications in peer-reviewed journal

Capacity building

Capacity Building initiatives 

Participating in laboratory capacity building initiatives including mentoring, troubleshooting courses, wet bench training and other knowledge transfer support (onsite or remotely) to assist laboratory staff in the production of high quality data.    

procurement lab reagents

Procurement of Laboratory reagents

Provide advices and recommendations for the procurement of quality reagents and associate consumables. Design procurement plan and provide technical recommendations for the selection of manufacturers


AMR surveillance in Low and Middle Income Countries 

Fleming Fund – Mott MacDonald 

Laboratory technical advisor since 2016

The Fleming Fund has been launched by the UK Department of Health to support low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Mott MacDonald has been contracted by the UK Department of Health as the Management Agent to deliver the Fleming Fund portfolio of country and regional grants and the Fleming Fellowship scheme

    Evaluation of point-of-care tests for cutaneous leishmaniasis diagnosis in Kabul, Afghanistan 

    FINDdx – Healthworks  

    In 2016 FIND has conducted an evaluation of two different point-of-care tests for diagnosing cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) in Afghanistan. This study includes tasks related to CL sample collection and processing for analysis by microscopy, LAMP, PCR, and antigen detection with an RDT…

      Evaluating insecticide resistances status in wild-caught anopheles mosquitoes in Afghanistan


      Insecticide resistance is an increasing problem faced by all countries with ongoing malaria transmission. Insecticide resistance monitoring is essential to help national malaria control programme to implement more effective and sustainable malaria control strategies…

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