Evaluation of point-of-care tests for cutaneous leishmaniasis diagnosis in Kabul, Afghanistan  

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In 2016 FIND has conducted an evaluation of two different point-of-care tests for diagnosing cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) in Afghanistan. This study includes tasks related to CL sample collection and processing for analysis by microscopy, LAMP, PCR, and antigen detection with an RDT. At the study site in Kabul, the samples processed have been tested by microscopy, LAMP, and RDT at the National Malaria and Leishmania Control Programme (NMLCP) and the Health Protection and Research Organization (HPRO), under the supervision of the PI from HealthNet TPO. ORDiagnostics was contracted to: 


  • Laboratory and clinical capacity assessment of NMLCP and HPRO 
  • Description of both study sites (NMLCP and HPRO). 
  • Advise and support laboratory staff in Afghanistan in the laboratory work for the Loopamp Detection KIT through development and adaptation of SOPs; Laboratory work training and supervision; review of laboratory database, the raw data analysis and the report on the laboratory work 
  • Assist in the shipment of the biological samples from Kabul to Europe.